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Caradan Health Experience is a multi-level complementary approach to support your health system.

It is based on Manual Therapy, psycho-emotional alignment and lifestyle coaching and provides a correction system based on anatomy, physiology, biomechanic and posturology, massage and craniosacral therapy, together with a wise and healthy lifestyle system.

How We Can Help You


We are focused on you

No matter what is your problem, we'll help you get the therapy you need.

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We can help you

We offer massage therapies and lifestyle coaching for active people, seniors and athletes.

kranio-sakral terapi

You get clear results

After planning with care your treatment, the results are no longer waiting.

"Craniosacral Therapy is a very gentle but profound treatment. Even after first treatment, I could clearly feel an improvement."

The Steps for Excellent Results

1. Complete ostheopatic anamnesis

The first treatment includes a thorough evaluation. After that we determine a carefully structured treatment plan.

2. Biomechanical tests

Our bodies undergo a number of mechanical changes. The tests reveal injuries, scar tissue, strength imbalances and weaknesses, loss of flexibility.

3. The right treatment

After a correct conclusion, we can prescribe a custom treatment for your specific problems. The results are beyond customers expectations.

Paul Caradan is the owner of CARADAN THERAPY CLINIC in Copenhagen & Bucharest and is an experienced therapist providing cranio sacral therapy, mobility musculo-visceral-skeletal osteopathic therapy, somatic-emotional release, massage, lifestyle coaching.
Paul Caradan
Positive Self image

Positive Body Image and massage therapy

What is this? We are bombarded every day with images of perfection: perfect lives, perfect bodies, perfect children, all held up for inspection via social

When do you need an osteopath?

If you have ever experienced back pain, I am convinced that you had in mind to see a specialist who could help you. That’s why you opened a google page and came up with several titles such as: Massage, spine therapy, chiropractic, chiropractic massage, craniosacral therapy and finally osteopathy.

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Caradan Therapy Clinic

Caradan Therapy Clinic: devoted to your optimal health!

Caradan Therapy is a Clinique in the heart of Copenhagen. Managed and run by the experienced Paul Caradan. He has experience from Aikido Federation,  Privat Clinic Bucharest, Aspetar Orthopaedic Hospital Qatar,  Hilton Hotel Copenhagen,  Nimat Spa, Samadhi Spa Copenhagen,City Fys Wellness Copenhagen etc.