massage therapy

Massage Therapy

The massage is based on the relationship between the body and mind and is customized to you based on your genes and problems.

Massage involves the entire body to provide an intense full body experience, as well as giving you the feeling of harmony and pleasure. Massage is a very caring and depth-absorbing tool that both can give you stability in a challenging and stressed life and restore physical injuries.

Massage gives you presence, strength and inner peace that you can benefit from in all life situations: at work, in your relationship and in everyday situations.

Massage is a treatment in which the therapist processes the client’s body with different grips and techniques, typically performed with the hands, but also the lower arms, elbows and feet can also be used.

Caradan Therapy Clinic

We give you increased results - every time!

Caradan Therapy is a Clinique in the heart of Copenhagen. Managed and run by the experienced Paul Caradan. He has experience from Romanian Aikido Federation,  Privat Clinic Bucharest, Aspetar Orthopaedic Hospital Qatar,  Hilton Hotel Copenhagen,  Nimat Spa, Samadhi Spa Copenhagen, etc.

Customers who talk about us

We welcome you to Caradan Therapy Clinic, where our customers are imppressed by our attentive and knowledgeable therapy work.

~ Elena

After an hour in Paul’s hands, I am like a new person. Alongside a psychologist’s stress, I started with Paul, and I can not help but help me.

I think Paul’s presence and energy he puts in therapy plays a very important role, as well as his commitment.

Five stars he gets from me.

~ Amanda Asklund – Regular Customer

I have received massage therapy regularly from Paul Caradan for more than one year.

After a skating accident I have injured my left knee.  I have also problems with my back because of extended office work. I can say that I received more than proffesional care.

Paul shown an extended knowlegde and healing ability and provided me with full care during my recovery. He is very attentive and devoted to his work as a therapist. It has been great working with him.