Positive Body Image  and  massage therapy

Positive Body Image and massage therapy

What is this?

We are bombarded every day with images of perfection: perfect lives, perfect bodies, perfect children, all held up for inspection via social media.

These images are hard to live up to, so perhaps it is no wonder that charities warn that mental health problems are rising, especially among young people.

It is, however, possible to take steps to protect yourself against the onslaught of perfection.

   What Body Image is?

Body image is how you see yourself physically, both when you think about yourself, and when you look in a mirror. Body image is affected by:

· How you feel about your body, including height, weight, and shape;

· Your beliefs about your appearance, which may include views about the ‘right’ appearance; and

· How your physical body feels to you as you move.

Body image is also affected by stereotypes and beliefs, including those of the people around you as well as your own. Having a positive body image does not mean that you think everything about your body is perfect. After all, nobody is perfect, not even supermodels

Instead, positive body image means accepting your body for what it is, celebrating your natural shape and size, and how your body performs.

People with positive body image understand that personal appearance has very little to do with ability or character. They are confident and comfortable with themselves and do not waste time worrying about their bodies.

     A poor or negative body image can be the starting point for serious mental illnesses, including eating disorders such as anorexia, as well as anxiety and depression.

 Building and maintaining a positive body image is therefore important.

Learning to accept yourself and your body—or even just to give yourself a break now and then—is one of the most important personal skills for the mind.

Massage therapy can bring us back to ourselves. Massage can ease not only the tension in muscles but the tension that can accrue from swimming in a sea of unrealistic images and negative messaging related to your appearance. Thus by massage you not only take care of your body but you put your price on yourself as a man. By making gifts for your body, you will realize that you deserve everything that is best and thus you will come to appreciate yourself more.

Massage can create healthy self-connection.

 You began to feel better about yourself.

Massage became an unexpected way of connecting with your body as something you could enjoy, appreciate, and take pride and pleasure in.

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